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Since 2009, TEDxTaipei has introduced various stories and topics related to the people of Taiwan, from "Taiwan's Stories" (2009), "Unlearn. Play. Inspire." (2010), "Big Hopes" (2011), "The Future is Now" (2012), to "FLiP" (2013).  Each year's event is a celebration of local voices and a declaration of our collective beliefs.  In 2014, we hope to empower our audience to reflect and develop a deeper understanding of the underlying problems of today.
TEDxTaipei holds the value of “ideas worth spreading”. It stresses the importance of that positive beliefs can make a difference in the world and prominent creativity comes from one’s attitudes toward living, beauty of life, and knowledge. TEDxTaipei cares for this land that we share. The scene behind every 18-minute video represents an innovated knowledge and empathic story. Our prospect is to have individuals participate in discovering more stories of Taiwan, to build a social media and knowledge base for the record of the wisdom of Asian people, and to further spread out these unique innovations to the world.

To this day, TEDxTaipei has accumalted more than 300 videos and has become an indicative knowledge and new media platform。


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