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Yangcheng Design Alliance

Yangcheng Design Alliance(YCDA), a private non-profit organization, was co-established by nine private firms in early 2012. More than thirty well-known design organizations in southern China have joined us ,specializing in architectural and planning design, interior design, landscape design and other designs (such as lighting and curtain wall).

The Alliance aims to formulate rules within the industry to promote and realize self-regulation and protect industry interests. It shall provide a variety of valuable services to its members including trainings and education,exchange programs, external corporation opportunities, and leisure clubs etc. Through integrating resources,the Alliance strives to promote sound and sustainable development of the industry .

As a non-profit organization, the Alliance shall deploy its remaining net income (after operating costs, taxes as well as necessary investments to improve the operation at the Alliance) to serve its members and contribute to the society. In particular, it shall support numerous areas including, but not limited to, design education, social infrastructure, public services and social welfare etc.
Our major program including forum 、lecture、exhibition 、training 、award and exchange .


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